Gail Collins

Gail Collins is one of the three founders of Penny Lane Properties Inc.

Gail was raised in Naughton, a small town just outside Sudbury.  Raised on the lake and in the bush, she grew up knowing the value of hard work and frugality.  Just before high school she moved with her family to Toronto and has lived here since then.

Gail has always been an achiever.  Graduating with honours from high school, she immediately found employment in the stock market on Bay Street where she learned to make money through hard work and her smarts.  From there, she took her math head and her quick wit into the field of accounting where she continues to work restructuring companies, helping with strategic financial planning, running operations for them, and putting those companies on a strong footing for future growth.

Gail likes to learn.  She is quick with a story or explanation about something she has picked up over time.  Incredibly generous of spirit, she will help out any one she knows who is in need.  Quick to laugh and always curious, she is generally on the go.

Gail enjoys searching out economic and societal trends and applying those happenings to her analysis of real estate investments.  She loves the north given her background and thus is able to see the value that northern properties provide if well located and well managed.  She also has a deep familiarity with Toronto given the time she has lived here, and she can quickly assess the desirability of a potential property given that knowledge.

Gail never wants to overpay and is an expert at extracting the best deal possible for a purchase.  She has a large network of friends and colleagues upon which she draws along with a large battery of prior experience with various industries and companies.  As such, she can usually solve most problems that you bring her with creativity and speed while maintaining cost effectiveness.

Gail has been blessed with two beautiful girls, one of whom is her business partner in Penny Lane.  The other has just started high school and is enjoying her time there thus far.  Married for the past fifteen years to Gus Papanikolaou, Gail recently became a grandma and treasures her time hanging out with baby Penny.

Gail is a typical small business person.  She hardly slowed down after having her girls and brought both of them with her to work, with them sitting on her lap or running around the shop while she made some money.  She is good at multi tasking, works hard and likes to solve problems and achieve her objectives.

Gail relaxes by swimming and will often be found doing laps in the middle of the night, being the only time she can find for herself.

Gail looks forward to working with her daughter and her friend to make Penny Lane Properties a success.