Amy Mazur (formerly Collins)

Amy Mazur (formerly Collins) is one of the three founders of Penny Lane Properties.

Amy attended both Nipissing University followed by York University after high school.

Amy has lived in Toronto, Ontario her entire life.  Raised in the city, she is familiar with all of Toronto's diverse and varied neighbourhoods, having explored all of them while growing up.  She has a diverse and interesting group of friends.  Growing up she also spent time north of Toronto, in Pefferlaw with her grandma; in Keswick with her great grandpa; and in Sudbury where her mom grew up.  This has imbued her with a love of all things north.  A country girl at heart, she finds quiet moments and tranquil places within this large and noisy city to slow down time, embrace nature and just breathe.

Amy and her husband Stephen Mazur recently welcomed a beautiful new addition to their family, a baby named...wait for it...Penny.  Penny is a beauty. She is growing every day and provides joy and meaning to both of their lives and lights up the lives of her extended family and friends.

Amy is entrepreneurial by nature.  At the ripe old age of 27, she already runs a couple different businesses and is always on the go.  The epitome of a busy mom.  In keeping with the tradition of her mom and her business partner, Amy brings her baby to work.  Penny sits on Amy's lap while she works and at six months old is a pretty smart baby.

Amy has always been athletic and loves to compete in pretty much any sport or activity you propose.  She swims, boxes, works out and even throws knives from time to time.  She is fit and active.

Amy has a love of real estate, having worked for much of her young life in a real estate shop.  She enjoys searching out property opportunities, evaluating their strengths and weaknesses, checking out the comparables in the area, and determining whether to proceed with the purchase.  She has skill at managing the real estate development process thereafter with the objective of building beautiful homes and offices of which she can be proud.

Amy looks forward to making Penny Lane Properties a successful force for good in the real estate industry.